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How do I get started in classes?

The best way to get started is to try a class. Check out the class schedules to determine what times are available. Children ages 4-11 will be in classes labeled white-green belts. Adults and children age 12 and up will be in classes labeled Beginner adult and teenagers. Families have class options too. Contact the office to schedule your first lesson. Come on your scheduled day a few minutes early to fill out an information sheet and have any questions answered. New students can wear an athletic/sweat pants with a comfortable t-shirt. No special footwear is needed as students go barefoot on the mat. After the Trial class, all students are required to wear a uniform in class.


I have never taken martial arts classes before can I still take classes?

Of course! This is how everyone gets started. During your first class, you will be shown some class etiquette and will learn by watching other students and by taking direction from the instructors. You will not be expected to know how to do everything, it is our job to teach you step by step and you will not be pushed to do something you cannot do. You will do stretching and conditioning with the class and then the class breaks up into groups to learn material appropriate to their training level.


I have trained at a different school or in a different style of martial arts- can I train with you?

We welcome you regardless of martial arts style or level. If you trained in WTF Taekwondo, you will be able to retain your belt level as this is the style of Taekwondo we teach. If you trained in a different style, you may need to start at a more basic belt level so that you can learn our style in a way that will be most beneficial to you. Learning different styles of martial arts is like learning different languages, it is very important to train in the basics of each in order to be solid when moving on to more advanced material.


How often do I need to train?

We recommend two times a week to be able to retain all the material taught during classes. Of course, the more you come, the better you will know the material and the faster you can move up. We have a variety of programs set up so that you can attend classes as much or as little as you like.


How long does it take to test for a new belt/attain black belt?

Our students test when they know their material well enough to perform it in front of a panel of Black Belt judges. We hold testings every month however, most students will only test every 2-3 months. Students can achieve Black Belt in about 2-3 years, depending on attendance, focus, time spent training, and desire to move up.


Why should I train at WCM?

Grand Master Jeon is a WTF/Kukkiwon certified 6th degree Black Belt and has been leading the instruction at WCM for over 20 years. Students learn a traditional martial art and modern TKD techniques in structured progression where the focus is achieving a meaningful Black Belt. Grand Master Jeon teaches personally and his experienced instructors are at least 2nd degree Black Belts who have been teaching for years. Adults and children attain the many benefits of martial arts training at WCM: commitment, focus, humility, integrity, perseverance, respect, discipline, self-awareness, strength, confidence, courage, fitness.


Who teaches the classes?

Grand Master Jeon, Master Vanek and Master Vincent are the Master instructors at our schools. Visit our About Us page to read more about our instructors.


I have an injury can I still train?

You can train with doctor approval depending on the injury. We ask that you do not use the injured part of your body during training, and that you refrain any activity which causes pain. Most exercises can be modified or replaced if there is an injury. You are responsible if you hurt yourself further so please take extra precautions to not exacerbate your injury. You can definitely take it easy during classes. However, if you are sick with a cold, cough, flu, headache, fever, or anything else that may be communicable, please do not take class until you are well. And you will be able to take make up class later for you missed class due to injury and sick.

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