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Beginner classes are where every student starts. These classes include white, yellow, and orange belt ranks of all ages. Classes start with an introduction to Taekwondo etiquette, including how to enter and exit class and formally greet the instructors. All members will learn basic skills such as punches, kicks, and forms. Children and young adults will focus discipline, respect, and self-confidence, while adults focus more on stress-reducing physical activity.


Students who have passed the orange belt rank will then attend intermediate classes. These classes include green to brown belt ranks of all ages. Members will continue to advance their skills into more complex techniques. Towards the more advanced ranks, students can request permission to join our Junior Black Belt Club for those looking to prepare for Black Belt testing and onwards. 

Private Lessons

An opportunity to work one-on-one with one of our masters. These thirty-minute sessions will give your child the extra time and attention to hone in on their skills, punches, and kicks. This is great for practice before a test, practice on certain kicks and forms that are difficult, or just overall help. Private lessons can be conducted through contacting the head desk. Call now to set one up!

Black Belt Club

This class concentrates on Taekwondo training at the First Dan Black Belt level. During class, all the techniques and training require full focus and a dedicated mindset to fully achieve the high level of excellence both physically and mentally.

Cardio Kick-Boxing

We don't only have TKD classes! Cardio Kick-Boxing is perfect for the parents that just need to get a good sweat in! You'll be learning real cardio and boxing skills while making new friends and having a blast! These classes are for older ages, and are set after classes during the weekdays and early on the weekend. Come get your muscles in today! Just contact the number or email below. (Joining TKD Classes are not required)

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